During a stormy night, Kyle Hoover is forced to spend the night in a 5-star hotel in the middle of nowhere in Kansas. He will soon discover that the hotel is quiet and nobody seems to be there – only the rainstorm and the thunders outside are audible. Sometime, the ‘voices’ of her lost daughter makes their appearance in the corridors of the hotel. In addition, once he find the key of his room and go to sleep, a terrible fate falls on him. In fact, when he wakes up, the hotel has 4-stars, and not 5-stars anymore. This is reflected also in the general design of the hotel, with a darkish tone. Kyle try to find a way out of the hotel, but with no result. Eventually, he goes to sleep again. When he wakes up, the hotel has 3-stars… And so on… Always… Forever… Will you be able to escape from this impossible situation?

Platforms: PC

Genre: Psychological Horror

Release: 2023


Small indie games developed:

- Paleocalypse (Steam)

- Paleocalypse 2: Centre of the Earth (

- Paleocalypse 3: Lost in a Past Future (

- Mars Chronos (

- Virality (Steam)


    Radiated Days

    A guy receive a weird email froman unknown sender. This sender says that he is dead and he was murdered, and ask the guy to help him to find who was the man that killed him. In doind this, the guy will be involved in the hacking informatics systems and into misterious conspirancies that threaten the national security.

    Publisher: Binge Game Studios

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: Adventure/Puzzle

    Release: TBA

  • City is Ours

    A city is attacked by a zombie apocalypse and only a few survivors are able to run away from the city before the infection. A nuclear bomb is thrown in the city, but it fail to explode. One of the survivors decide to go back to the city to rescue his son. In doing this, he will discover which was the real plan behind the infection.

    Publisher: Rev

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: Post-apocalyptic/Action RPG

    Release: TBA

  • Obscure Reconnection

    A chinese girl was victim of a cruel accident in which she lost all her memories. Then, she found herself to do a pact with the Death that says that if she want to return to life she have to find all her fragments of memory in order to reconstruct all her childhood.

    Publisher: TBA

    Platforms: PC

    Genre: Horror/Puzzle

    Release: TBA

  • Other...

    Forced Exit (psychological horror); Beyond Human (metroidvania); Sleepwalking (psychological horror); The Terrain Trooper (FPS).


    The Perfect Pencil

    Our Work: Game Tester

    Help John on his journey of personal growth. Unravel the nuances of human reactions to fear. Surprising exploration, fast paced combat, complex choices and allegorical characters, all intertwined with a psychological narrative in this hand-drawn 2D action-platformer.

    Publisher: Studio Cima

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch/PC

    Genre: 2D Platformer/Metroidvania

    Release: TBA


    Deadly Poltergeist

    Genre: thriller horror

    Run time: 50 minutes

    John win an house. The house represent for him the unique possibility of transfer in the small ville of Groanville to find a job. Frank, his friend, take care of John because he experienced a period of paranoics attacks. But, when John arrive at the house, he will find that something is not right…

  • Deadly Poltergeist: Afterlife

    Genre: thriller horror

    Run time: 45 minutes

    Note: available with English subtitles

    After a tragedy involving her ex-husband, Amanda moves to a new town with her boyfriend. But instead of leaving all the poblems behind, things seem to get worse and worse. In fact, she will find herself embroiled in a series of illogical suicides, which she will soon discover to be due to a supernatural force that dwells in her home.

  • Looter

    Genre: action/adventure

    Run time: 20 minutes

    Vietnam jungle, 1967. Three soldiers are on mission and, at the same time, in contact with the base. Their objective is to find and to neutralize an enemy base but, as they reach the location, no enemy appear, instead, an alien creature appears in front of their eyes…

  • Dark Coexistence

    Genre: psychological horror/first-person horror

    Run time: 43 minutes

    Note: available with English subtitles

    Mexico, Ytecan, 2014. A group of friends is invited to spend their summer holidays to an house of another friend. The group believe that the location is strange and creepy, this because of a missing child (Marcus) in the near forest. When they are on the beach, one of them find an unusual sea towel with a strange symbol on it…

  • Dark Coexistence 2

    Genre: psychological horror/first-person horror

    Run time: 35 minutes

    Prequel of Dark Coexistence. A man receive a misterious sea towel with a strange symbol on it: he must find all the 6 symbols while is followed by a strange entity in his house…

  • Beyond Extinction

    Genre: action/adventure

    Run time: 30 minutes

    Survived to a flight accident, a group of friends is lost on a desert island of the Atlantic Ocean. They soon discover that the island was the location of a genetics experiment that re-vitalized an ancient creature that should not exists any more…

  • Fake Life

    Genre: thriller sci-fi/thriller horror

    Run time: 18 minutes

    Erik create a fake web-profile of his friend in hospital to make a “surprise” for him. In the following days, he is affected by strange appearances of his friend. With the help of his friends, Erik will discover that the computer used to create the fake profile hide an obscure past…

  • Terror Vlog

    Genre: experimental horror

    Run time: 25 minutes

    Two guys explore a pinewood with the idea to record a vlog in order to upload it on their YouTube channel, but something really terrifying is waiting for them…